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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Alice  1867New South Wales, Australia I21222
2 ANDERSON, Athol Alvin(Bunyan)  1929New South Wales, Australia I9264
3 ANDERSON, Augustus George(Bill)  1926New South Wales, Australia I10385
4 ANDERSON, Dorothy Phylliis  7 Apr 1931New South Wales, Australia I10386
5 ANGEL, Keturah ,of Wollongong,New South Wales,Australia  1841New South Wales, Australia I24388
6 BANCROFT, Frances Agnes  1864New South Wales, Australia I19853
7 BENSON, Dorothy Selwyn  1889New South Wales, Australia I10982
8 BENSON, Eva Pauline  1879New South Wales, Australia I10985
9 BENSON, Susannah  1851New South Wales, Australia I10341
10 BENSON, Thomas F. S.  1897New South Wales, Australia I10987
11 BILLINGTON, James Robert  1817New South Wales, Australia I10974
12 BLAIN, Charles Robert son of Rev.Robert Blain,of Hinton,New South Wales  1850New South Wales, Australia I15261
13 BRAGG, Miriam  1831New South Wales, Australia I10335
14 BRODIE, Enid Beatrice Joan  1887New South Wales, Australia I10930
15 BROWN, Mary Elizabeth ,daughter of Thomas Brown and Anne Stanley.  1840New South Wales, Australia I11735
16 BUSSEY, Mary Hannah  3 Apr 1853New South Wales, Australia I15769
17 CATT, George  1848New South Wales, Australia I24979
18 COOPER, Betty June  1 Jun 1926New South Wales, Australia I25550
19 COOPER, Thomas Daniel  1848New South Wales, Australia I13304
20 COX, William  1851New South Wales, Australia I10972
21 DAVIS, Florence M.  1867New South Wales, Australia I26541
22 DAVIS, John  1841New South Wales, Australia I15743
23 DAVIS, Lilian Holme  1864New South Wales, Australia I26540
24 DAVIS, Mary E.  1859New South Wales, Australia I26538
25 DUNBAR, Ann Jane  1846New South Wales, Australia I6333
26 ELLIOTT, Charles James  1831New South Wales, Australia I10880
27 ELLIOTT, Edwin Alexander  1830New South Wales, Australia I10878
28 ELLIOTT, Ellen  1845New South Wales, Australia I10886
29 ELLIOTT, George  1843New South Wales, Australia I10885
30 ELLIOTT, Jessie Amelia  1848New South Wales, Australia I10887
31 ELLIOTT, John  1838New South Wales, Australia I10883
32 ELLIOTT, Martha Matilda  1841New South Wales, Australia I10884
33 ELLIOTT, Mary Jane  1832New South Wales, Australia I10879
34 ELLIOTT, Richard  1836New South Wales, Australia I10882
35 ELLIOTT, William John  1834New South Wales, Australia I10881
36 ERWIN, James Joseph  1838New South Wales, Australia I9199
37 FIELD, Alfred Thomas ,son of Thomas Field  1851New South Wales, Australia I10150
38 FIELD, Sophia ,daughter of Edward Field,102nd Reg of Foot,NSW  21 Jun 1807New South Wales, Australia I25288
39 FISHER, Donnelly ,Solicitor,of Sydney  1850New South Wales, Australia I12507
40 FISHER, Walter ,son of William Fisher and Mary M. Trapp.  1851New South Wales, Australia I10672
41 FROST, Julia Mary Theresa ,daughter of William Frost, of Bunratty,Ireland  Abt 1863New South Wales, Australia I24816
42 GIBSON, Marlene Margaret  1933New South Wales, Australia I25376
43 GILBERT, Raymond Arthur ,Accountant,of Burwood,New South Wales.  5 Sep 1919New South Wales, Australia I26961
44 GOODWIN, Susan  1847New South Wales, Australia I15300
45 GORE, Alice Margaret Grace  1848New South Wales, Australia I22640
46 GORE, Francis Arthur  31 Jan 1847New South Wales, Australia I22638
47 GORE, Gerard Ralph ,of Yandilla, Quensland,Australia  5 Jun 1855New South Wales, Australia I22639
48 GORE, Robert William  16 Apr 1851New South Wales, Australia I22645
49 GORE, Lieut. St George Corbet ,Companion, Order of the Star of India  24 Feb 1849New South Wales, Australia I22646
50 GRINTER, Stanley Thomas  1 Feb 1928New South Wales, Australia I21094

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Walter Lloyd ,of Hurlstone Park,New South Wales.  19 Apr 2006New South Wales, Australia I26960
2 ANDERSON, Annie  9 Jul 1930New South Wales, Australia I10973
3 BAKER, Charles Henry  1952New South Wales, Australia I1048
4 BENSON, Daisy I.  1897New South Wales, Australia I10971
5 BILLINGTON, James Robert  1893New South Wales, Australia I10974
6 BOSWELL, George ,Transported Convict  1843New South Wales, Australia I10902
7 BRADDOCK, Herbert Hilton Prosper  1938New South Wales, Australia I10983
8 CAMPBELL, Thomas Henry  1974New South Wales, Australia I21462
9 CATHIE, Henry Loraine  1938New South Wales, Australia I12428
10 DANIEL, Eric Roy  10 Mar 1975New South Wales, Australia I12418
11 ELLIOTT, Charles James  1831New South Wales, Australia I10880
12 ELLIOTT, Ellen  1919New South Wales, Australia I10886
13 ELLIOTT, Jessie Amelia  1927New South Wales, Australia I10887
14 ELLIOTT, Richard  1904New South Wales, Australia I10882
15 ELLIOTT, William John  1909New South Wales, Australia I10881
16 ELTON, Iraleen  1974New South Wales, Australia I19842
17 ERWIN, Florence Eva  1946New South Wales, Australia I13310
18 ERWIN, Neville Benson  1979New South Wales, Australia I13326
19 FIRTH, Linda Maude  1985New South Wales, Australia I24124
20 FROST, Arthur Henry  8 Jan 1972New South Wales, Australia I18358
21 GALLARD, Beulah Grace  30 Aug 1985New South Wales, Australia I18750
22 GEMMELL, Ellen Jane"Nellie"  12 Sep 1975New South Wales, Australia I17586
23 HALLORAN, Thomas Edward  1976New South Wales, Australia I25349
24 HALLORAN, Thomas Norman  1981New South Wales, Australia I25356
25 HALPIN, Wilfred Charles  23 Sep 1983New South Wales, Australia I25757
26 HUNT, George ,Jnr  1976New South Wales, Australia I25256
27 HUTTON, Maj. Maxwell William ,of Beaufort , Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia  19 Oct 1974New South Wales, Australia I17703
28 IRVINE, Jean"Jane"  20 Jul 1998New South Wales, Australia I25447
29 KIRKPATRICK, Dorothy Grace  2 Nov 2011New South Wales, Australia I15389
30 KIRKPATRICK, Samuel Charles"Sammy"  7 Nov 1974New South Wales, Australia I215
31 LEECE, Nellie Proctor  30 Jul 1986New South Wales, Australia I17695
32 LORD, Mary Mildred  1990New South Wales, Australia I14910
33 MACHATTIE, Ethel Mary  1952New South Wales, Australia I10863
34 MANTON, Arthur  1974New South Wales, Australia I10162
35 MCLAUGHLIN, James Alexander  1887New South Wales, Australia I15745
36 MILLER, Peter ,of "Barsham",Hoxton Park,New South Wales  25 Nov 1922New South Wales, Australia I16179
37 MOORE, Anne  1960New South Wales, Australia I24620
38 MOORE, Antonia Charlotte  2 Jul 1974New South Wales, Australia I14520
39 MOORE, Mary Ethel  1951New South Wales, Australia I24623
40 O'PUNN, Evelyn Teresa Gertrude  10 Sep 1982New South Wales, Australia I17600
41 OZOUX, Andre Charles ,of Maroubra Bay ,New South Wales  11 Aug 2006New South Wales, Australia I24886
42 PENBERTHY, Gwendoline"Little Gwen"  1976New South Wales, Australia I1746
43 POWTER, Leslie Keith  21 May 2002New South Wales, Australia I17736
44 PUCKLE, Maj. Frederick Kaye ,C.M.G. ,son of Col.H.E.Puckle,Madras Staff Corps.  23 Jun 1959New South Wales, Australia I17314
45 REID, John Richard Howell  1966New South Wales, Australia I22100
46 REYNOLDS, Joseph  1839New South Wales, Australia I9762
47 ROBERTSON, Una Grace"Doon" ,of Vaucluse,New South Wales.  28 Jul 1994New South Wales, Australia I17645
48 SARGEANT, Mary  Bef 1848New South Wales, Australia I17352
49 SHERWIN, Lucy  3 Dec 1852New South Wales, Australia I25913
50 SINGLE, Edith Lilla  7 Oct 1960New South Wales, Australia I25733

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLACK / JOHNSTON  1912New South Wales, Australia F5944
2 INSLEY / CAMERON  1855New South Wales, Australia F6398
3 MIDGLEY / BROWN  17 Jan 1861New South Wales, Australia F5166
4 WICKS / SMALL  22 Dec 1841New South Wales, Australia F4549

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