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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARMSTRONG, Lancelot E.  1905Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I19819 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
2 ATTWATER, Thomas I  1912Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3261 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
3 ATTWATER, Walter  1905Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3260 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
4 BLUNDEN, Ewart Charles  1906Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I5014 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
5 CAMERON, Catherine E.  1884Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3573 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
6 CAMERON, Ernest Albert  1891Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3588 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
7 CAMERON, Ethel Jean  1888Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3580 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
8 CAMERON, Grace R.  1890Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3575 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
9 CAMERON, Jemima O.  1883Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3572 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
10 CAMERON, John Robert  1886Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3574 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
11 CAMERON, Margaret C.  1894Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3577 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
12 CAMERON, Norman Archibald  6 May 1893Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3593 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
13 CANNONS, Maud Marian ,daughter of James and Charlotte Cannons.  1875Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I21617 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
14 COATES, Dulcie  1898Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1784 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
15 COATES, Florence M."Florrie"  1893Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I8487 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
16 COATES, James Hooper  1906Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I21748 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
17 COATES, Ruby Evelyn  1883Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1809 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
18 COATES, Vera Mary  1886Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1806 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
19 CORY, Marion R"Mollie"  1906Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I21627 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
20 DONALDSON, Leonard(Jack)  1895Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I21642 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
21 FERGUSON, John A  Abt 1852Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I177 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
22 GILHOME, Dulcie Elizabeth  1906Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I26796 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
23 GILHOME, Edgar Hilton  22 Jul 1895Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I17137 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
24 GILHOME, Ella Iris  11 Mar 1903Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1762 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
25 GILHOME, Irene Gladys  22 Jul 1909Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1884 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
26 GILHOME, Reginald Walter  10 Oct 1898Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I26792 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
27 GILHOME, Walter  1875Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1885 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
28 HINGSTON, Charlotte Catherine"Cathy"  25 Jun 1886Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I40 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
29 HINGSTON, Gilbert William "Bertie"  1883Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I165 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
30 HINGSTON, Gostwyck Geoffrey "Uncle Gos"  19 May 1892Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I168 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
31 HINGSTON, John Gilbert"Jack"  27 Apr 1889Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I167 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
32 HINGSTON, Mabel Dolly Naomi"Gar" (Aunty Mabs)  26 Apr 1897Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I169 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
33 HUTTON, Catherine Winifred"Kit"  1921Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1462 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
34 HUTTON, Charles Daniel  1879Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1362 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
35 HUTTON, George William  1880Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I21392 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
36 HUTTON, Gwendoline Eva  22 Jul 1923Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1463 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
37 HUTTON, Helena Margaret (Margaret)  14 Mar 1922Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1461 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
38 HUTTON, James Kitchener  2 Mar 1915Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I480 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
39 HUTTON, Minnie Chapman  1896Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I472 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
40 HUTTON, Nancy Cavell  25 May 1918Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1460 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
41 JOHNSTON, Cyril Donald  1892Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I19815 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
42 JOHNSTON, Dorothy Cynthia  1897Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I19816 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
43 JOHNSTON, Ethel Margaret  1882Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I19812 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
44 JOHNSTON, Harry I  1897Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I19817 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
45 JOHNSTON, Osborne William  1887Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I19814 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
46 KERR, Arthue E.  1902Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I8491 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
47 KERR, Heather Nora  1905Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I8493 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
48 KERR, Martha Olive  1883Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I25321 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
49 KERR, Mervyn Clive(Tom)  1903Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I8492 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
50 KIRK, Agnes A.F  1880Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I4995 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIDDLECOMBE, Sarah  1921Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I5013 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
2 BLACK, Richard Alfred  1961Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I21312 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
3 BROOKS, Madeline Beryl ,youngest child of Patrick and Millie Brooks  2 Dec 1986Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I132 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
4 CAMERON, Catherine  12 Mar 1902Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I172 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
5 COATES, Coral Janet"Corrie"  1966Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1088 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
6 COATES, Florence M."Florrie"  13 Aug 1908Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I8487 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
7 COATES, George Donald  1940Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1102 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
8 COATES, James  1927Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1104 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
9 COATES, Mary Maud  1884Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1106 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
10 COATES, Vera Mary  1912Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1806 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
11 COWLING, Florence Mary  10 Mar 1971Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I16058 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
12 DOW, Margaret Arthur  17 Feb 1940Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I21253 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
13 ELLICOTT, Grace  1910Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I4988 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
14 EVANS, Vera May  14 Mar 1967Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1113 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
15 FERGUSON, George ,of Banavie ,Lochaber,Scotland  20 Oct 1894Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I171 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
16 FERGUSON, Isabella  8 Sep 1874Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I179 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
17 FERGUSON, John A  1888Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I177 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
18 FINNEY, Margaret Jane  3 Oct 1948Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I17136 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
19 FOOT, Emma  31 May 1909Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1776 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
20 FULLER, Alice S  1883Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1094 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
21 FULLER, Charles Alexander B.E.M  3 Jan 1992Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1083 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
22 FULLER, Frank ,of "Boxton",Elsmore,New South Wales,Australia  20 Nov 1954Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I416 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
23 GILHOME, Dulcie Elizabeth  3 Feb 2000Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I26796 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
24 GILHOME, Edgar Hilton  31 Dec 1963Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I17137 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
25 GILHOME, Irene Gladys  9 Jul 1989Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1884 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
26 GILHOME, Reginald Walter  15 Dec 1996Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I26792 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
27 GILHOME, Richard  4 Dec 1922Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I17135 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
28 GILHOME, Walter  15 Oct 1968Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1885 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
29 HUTTON, Ellen Cameron  13 Mar 1953Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I17707 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
30 HUTTON, Rosanna  1 Jul 1955Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I17689 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
31 JOHNSTON, Dorothy Cynthia  1898Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I19816 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
32 JOHNSTONE, Walter Halliday George ,of "Glenwood",Staggy Creek,Inverell,NSW  7 Sep 1974Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I16057 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
33 KERR, Graham Arthur  1964Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I19809 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
34 KIRK, Albert Victor  1970Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I5003 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
35 KIRK, Andrew Charles  1940Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I4992 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
36 KIRK, John  1931Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I24534 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
37 KIRK, Lily May  1971Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I4993 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
38 KIRK, Thomas  1926Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I4983 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
39 KIRKPATRICK, Jean Catherine  24 Nov 2000Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I425 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
40 KIRKPATRICK, Lily  30 May 1974Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I59 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
41 KIRKPATRICK, Robert ,of "Boxton",Elsmore,New South Wales,Australia  25 Jan 1970Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I57 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
42 LAWSON, Ernest Walter ,Miner, of Stannum ,New South Wales  12 Oct 1973Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I25183 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
43 MAKIM, Frederick Morgan Haig"Cheg"  9 Mar 2008Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I125 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
44 MAKIM, Frederick Winslow  2 Apr 1970Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I79 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
45 MAKIM, Margaret Evans"Rita"  17 Oct 2017Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1548 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
46 MAKIM, Nancy Vera  1 Feb 1971Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1549 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
47 MASON, Elsie Stella  20 Aug 1992Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I26793 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
48 MASON, Jessie Claudine  24 Oct 1958Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I17138 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
49 MATTHEWS, Rose Adelaide  6 Feb 1974Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I26799 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
50 MCTAVISH, Jessie Fraser  2 Sep 1960Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1794 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARDEN, Beatrice S."Beat"  14 Jul 1926Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I26732 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
2 BROOKS, Madeline Beryl ,youngest child of Patrick and Millie Brooks  Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I132 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
3 CAMERON, Catherine  Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I172 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
4 FERGUSON, George ,of Banavie ,Lochaber,Scotland  Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I171 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
5 KIRK, William Norman  Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I4994 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
6 KIRKPATRICK, Robert ,of "Boxton",Elsmore,New South Wales,Australia  Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I57 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
7 LAWSON, Ernest Walter ,Miner, of Stannum ,New South Wales  Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I25183 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
8 MAKIM, Frederick Morgan Haig"Cheg"  12 Mar 2008Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I125 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
9 MCLEAN, Rose Finlay ,daughter of Neil Finlay Maclean and Emily Currie.  Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I26733 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
10 NOWLANDS, Nancy Margaret  Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I25187 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
11 SALMON, George ,of Byron Plains,Inverell,NSW  10 Aug 1881Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2335 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
12 SMITH, Rae Sutherland  Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I423 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ARMSTRONG / JOHNSTON  1904Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F2941 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
2 AYLAND / KIRK  1917Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8140 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
3 BARTLETT / CAMERON  1907Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F1091 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
4 BLUNDEN / KIRK  1905Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F1568 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
5 CAMERON / PITKIN  1888Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F1090 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
6 COATES / BECKETT  1933Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8159 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
7 COATES / HOOPER  1901Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F519 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
8 COATES / MCTAVISH  1904Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F514 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
9 COATES / THRESHER  1892Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F510 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
10 CORY / CANNONS  1905Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8109 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
11 COX / MURRAY  1923Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F4595 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
12 DAVIS / FERGUSON  1877Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8031 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
13 FARRAND / MCLEAN  1929Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F9016 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
14 FARRELL / TOMLINSON  1911Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8522 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
15 FULLER / COATES  10 Jun 1939Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F318 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
16 GILHOME / MASON  1921Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F7074 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
17 GILHOME / MASON  1922Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F9042 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
18 GILHOME / MOORE  1895Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F546 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
19 GOLDMAN / PENBERTHY  1916Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F406 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
20 GRANGE / KIRK  1909Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F1569 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
21 GRINTER / ALLAN  1919Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F5941 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
22 HINGSTON / SMITH  26 Jun 1907Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F229 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
23 HUTTON / FERGUSON  1878Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8034 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
24 KERR / ANDERSON  1941Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F2937 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
25 KERR / BECKETT  1933Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F2935 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
26 KIRK / ELLICOTT  1880Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F1564 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
27 KIRK / JOHNSTON  1926Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8279 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
28 KIRK / PASTERFIELD  1882Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F1565 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
29 MAHADY / HANRAHAN  1887Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F6677 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
30 MAKIM / JOHNSTONE  1946Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F117 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
31 MAKIM / TOMLINSON  1903Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F325 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
32 MARQUART / KERR  1930Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F2939 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
33 MASON / WHITE  1888Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F9043 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
34 MCCUMSTIE / GARDINER  1905Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F1009 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
35 MCTAVISH / KERR  1903Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8556 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
36 MITCHELL / TOMLINSON  1906Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8528 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
37 MORRIS / TOMLINSON  1907Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8529 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
38 OSBORNE / COATES  1906Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F522 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
39 PARKER / SULLINGS  1883Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F6323 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
40 PENBERTHY / COATES  1883Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F287 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
41 PENBERTHY / GILHOME  1929Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F44 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
42 PENBERTHY / MACLEAN  1896Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F429 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
43 PENBERTHY / MAHADY  1919Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F544 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
44 PENBERTHY / MCTAVISH  1885Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F527 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
45 PENBERTHY / THRESHER  1892Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F506 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
46 PENBERTHY / WRIGHT  14 Jun 1947Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F289 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
47 POLLOCK / MAKIM  1948Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F444 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
48 SKIPPEN / TOMLINSON  1898Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F8521 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
49 TOMLINSON / GARRETT  1871Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F1011 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 
50 WATLING / GIBBS  29 Mar 1929Inverell, New South Wales, Australia F5940 Kirkpatrick Family Archives 

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