Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CALL, Mary Devereux  23 Nov 1897Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26256
2 CLARKE, Ernestine Elizabeth  1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14592
3 CLARKE, Ernestine Lucilla  9 Sep 1937Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14536
4 CLARKE, Reginald Clive Neville  29 Sep 1910Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14533
5 CLYDESDALE, Catherine  13 Jul 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2862
6 CLYDESDALE, Jane Ann  10 Oct 1850Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2861
7 COCHRAN, Ida Kirkpatrick  1874Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10379
8 DAVIES, Arthur Edward Henry  1 May 1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2895
9 DIHM, Thomas Dudley ,Coach Trimmer ,of Launceston,Tasmania  26 Jun 1866Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25558
10 GAY, Mavis Joan  1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13232
11 GOUGH, John George ,of Mildon Hall,Young,New South Wales,Australia  5 Nov 1848Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14922
12 GRAHAM, Marguerite  1856Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21985
13 GRAY, John Allured  16 Feb 1929Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2898
14 GRICE, Annie Elinor Lula "Dodie"  2 May 1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I18392
15 GRICE, John Alan ,of "Lowesdale", Corowa, New South Wales  10 Aug 1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I18410
16 HANNEY, Peter  30 Mar 1945Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1739
17 HENTY, Henry Percy"Harry"  1860Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14566
18 KIRKPATRICK, Donald Ian  22 Jan 1932Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15378
19 LEVEY, Kenneth Emery , later Kenneth Emery Lander  1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13745
20 MACKENZIE, Helen Mary Anne  10 Mar 1837Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14775
21 MAWBEY, Frances"Fanny" ,of Hopkins House , Hopkins River,Warrnambool,Vic.  1855Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15495
22 MCCAUGHEY, Frank Melbourne ,Accountant  1871Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14580
23 MCCAUGHEY, Mona Malvina  1873Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14578
24 MCCAUGHEY, Lieut. Samuel Michael ,2/16 Btn, A. I. F.  2 Oct 1921Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8990
25 MCGAW, Constance Emily Fanning  30 Aug 1874Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10382
26 MCGAW, Edith Josephine  1870Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10381
27 MCGAW, Madeline Frances Honor  24 Jan 1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10383
28 O'SULLIVAN, Mary Agnes  1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25600
29 OFFICER, Leslie William  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9047
30 PINKERTON, Fay Marjorie  26 Jan 1928Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13744
31 RUMSEY, James Herbert  1859Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25919
32 WATSON, Moyra Isobel  1912Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14516
33 WATSON, Phyllis Mary  1908Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14515
34 WILSON, Florence Isabel  1863Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7736
35 WILSON, Maud Margaret ,Countess of Huntingdon  1868Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALCOCK, Florence Ann  17 Sep 1943Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6412
2 BAKER, Frances Ivy Veronica  5 Apr 2002Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I24782
3 BONE, Kenric Clifton ,of Kew, Kooyong, Victoria  2 May 1952Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3218
4 BOX, Lorna Mary  30 Sep 1940Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I18414
5 BROWN, Fairliegh Ada Elizabeth  1958Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16870
6 CHAUNCY, Amy Blanche  31 Jan 1925Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11451
7 CLANCY, Albert Francis  8 Jul 1973Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15941
8 CLARKE, Ernestine Lucilla  28 May 2000Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14536
9 COLLINS, Henry Michael ,Esq. , Special Representative in Persia  11 Jun 1928Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I18394
10 CORNISH, John  1939Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6301
11 COX, Benjamin Fabian ,of Elsternwick,Victoria,Australia  19 Jan 1947Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13155
12 CUMMING, Gordon Forrest ,of "Wooroglin", Darlington ,Victoria  10 Aug 1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14778
13 CURRIE, Louisa Jane  30 Dec 1908Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I18385
14 DAVIS, Alfred Ernest  23 Dec 1994Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I12219
15 DAVIS, Sarah Lydia  27 Jul 1970Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I12236
16 DIHM, Conrad Christian Oluf  3 Dec 1898Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25560
17 DIHM, Dudley Ashby Joseph "Joe"  4 Mar 1956Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25603
18 DOHERTY, Bryan Douglas  20 May 1960Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3040
19 FARLEY, Ann  18 Sep 1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15047
20 FISKEN, George Blair  28 Oct 1898Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I27727
21 GELL, Lucilla Louisa Blanche  3 Sep 1948Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7754
22 GLEESON, Steve  20 Aug 2009Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8896
23 GRAY, Allured Blanchard  1932Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2896
24 GRAY, John Allured  12 May 1946Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2898
25 HUSBAND, Constance Sibyl Hay  2 Dec 1966Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I23620
26 JORDON, Edward Steven  1891Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3116
27 KELLETT, Letitia  1961Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6204
28 KIRKPATRICK, John Maitland ,Solicitor,of Melbourne,Victoria.  15 Mar 1937Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11445
29 KRAUSE, Edith Kathleen  2005Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25683
30 LEMPRIERE, Peter Leland ,Woolbuyer,of Melbourne,Victoria  27 Sep 1976Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I18397
31 LEMPRIERE, Robin  22 Mar 2001Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I18405
32 LUSK, Herbert George ,of Elsternwick,Victoria,Australia  16 Jul 1943Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5477
33 LUSK, Robert Alwyn  1970Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13231
34 MACPHERSON, Elizabeth Blanche  15 Sep 1965Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14532
35 MACPHERSON, Leslie Mitchell ,71st Sqdn,Australian Flying Corps.  14 Jun 1941Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14486
36 MAGILL, Sarah Jane (Jeannie)  1936Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I19646
37 MCCAUGHEY, Jennifer Sally ,of Calcutta,India  20 Apr 1991Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14489
38 MCCAUGHEY, Mona Malvina  1962Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14578
39 MCCAUGHEY, Patricia Dorothy  29 Nov 1982Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14490
40 MITCHELL, Susan Augusta  30 Sep 1867Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11450
41 NORRIS, Herbert Lindsay  24 Dec 1964Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I18000
42 NORRIS, Kenneth George"Ken"  30 Jan 1995Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I18002
43 PINKERTON, Clarence Ward ,2nd Air Mechanic,Australian Flying Corps  1942Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6153
44 POTTS, George ,of Emerald Hill, Victoria, Australia  26 Feb 1891Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15046
45 REID, Reginald Sands  2 Apr 1934Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I22126
46 ROBINSON, Sgt. Edmund William Burriss "Burrie" , 37th Battalion,AIF  1966Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I17947
47 ROULSTON, William Richard  8 Oct 1913Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25533
48 SPROAT, Jean Edkins  3 Jul 1989Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4146
49 STUBBS, Eric James Harris  1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15911
50 THOMPSON, Martha Mary  1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2883

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FARLEY, Ann  20 Sep 1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15047
2 POTTS, George ,of Emerald Hill, Victoria, Australia  28 Feb 1891Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15046


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CATHIE / MACHATTIE  16 Jan 1890Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F5396
2 CLOGAN / WILKINSON  18 Mar 1878Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F3006
3 CLYDESDALE / CAHILL  10 Jan 1850Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F149
4 CRAIG / GRAHAM  15 Jun 1872Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F3503
5 CUMMING / HENTY  1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F6185
6 ERSWELL / WATSON  10 Nov 1944Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F6170
7 GAY / SWAINGER  1915Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F5686
8 GRAY / DAVIES  1 Apr 1926Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F845
9 HAMILTON / CAMERON  1854Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9180
10 KIRKPATRICK / GIBSON  1949Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F1020
11 LEVETT / MARTIN  10 Jan 1840Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F6163
12 MCCAUGHEY / DUNPHY  1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F6195
13 O'GRADY / BARRY  Jul 1856Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2643
14 PINKERTON / KERSHAW  1926Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F1916
15 WILSON / CAMPBELL  10 Dec 1861Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2650

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