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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELL, Agnes  1856Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I20760
2 BOWMAN, Janet Margaret  1820Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19249
3 CARRICK-MOORE, Dr James J.P,of Corswall,Wigton  20 Dec 1762Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3975
4 CLYDESDALE, Alexander Muir  31 Jan 1896Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2181
5 CLYDESDALE, Andrew  1873Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7671
6 CLYDESDALE, Annie Lang  7 Jul 1889Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2180
7 CLYDESDALE, Jessie  5 Dec 1853Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2
8 CLYDESDALE, Jessie Olgilvie Sloan  1905Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7678
9 CLYDESDALE, John Hammond  5 Aug 1875Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7673
10 CLYDESDALE, John Lang  25 Oct 1893Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I4076
11 CLYDESDALE, Margaretta Stark  7 May 1886Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2177
12 CLYDESDALE, Robert  10 Jul 1887Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7675
13 CLYDESDALE, William  10 Mar 1776Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I18
14 CLYDESDALE, William Angus  1900Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I7677
15 DOUGLAS, Hugh Sampson  7 Jul 1846Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I13295
16 DOUGLAS, Susannah  1851Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I9208
17 DUNLOP, William ,Professor of Ecclesiastical History  1692Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I17166
18 FISKEN, George Blair  20 May 1841Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I27727
19 GRAY, Janet  12 Feb 1858Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19527
20 GRIERSON, Margaret  25 Oct 1826Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I12718
21 IRVINE, Jean"Jane"  10 Oct 1901Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I25447
22 MACINTOSH, Charles ,of Dunhattan.Inventor of "The MacIntosh"  29 Dec 1766Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3979
23 MCEWAN, Isaac  1823Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19248
24 MCEWAN, Margaret  6 May 1842Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19247
25 MCGAVIN, Margaret  27 Sep 1852Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I26591
26 MCHAFFIE, Marion Aiton ,daughter of David McHaffie , Ironmonger  1850Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I12179
27 MCVEY, Joseph  1909Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I25651
28 MILLER, Dr. Robert Craig ,of "Ashville",Dervock Village,County Antrim  1865Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I23855
29 MOORE, Gen. John K.B,of Corunna  13 Nov 1761Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3974
30 MOSES, Susan ,daughter of Joseph Moses,Sea Captain  1835Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I26773
31 MUIR, Gilbert ,Transported Convict  1801Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I12473
32 MUIR, Marion Allison  24 Sep 1864Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I4709
33 MURRAY, Henry  1852Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2063
34 MURRAY, Margorie Alma Alexandria  1918Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I11037
35 PATERSON, Jannetta  4 Jan 1910Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19562
36 PERRITT, Alexander Clydesdale ,of Allawah,New South Wales,Australia  13 Jan 1882Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I93
37 PERRITT, Andrew Clydesdale  1 Jan 1881Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I92
38 PERRITT, Duncan  Abt 1852Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I1214
39 PERRITT, James  16 Apr 1879Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I91
40 PERRITT, Jane Houston  28 Apr 1876Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I1231
41 PERRITT, Jessie Clydesdale  14 Jun 1885Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I94
42 PERRITT, Margaret Jane Cameron  1853Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I1109
43 PERRITT, Marghretta Stark  21 Apr 1877Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I89
44 PERRITT, Samuel  Abt 1856Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I1215
45 PERRITT, Wilhelmina  21 Dec 1860Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I1216
46 PIRRET, Amelia Thomson  Abt 1908Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19550
47 PIRRET, Andrew  10 Apr 1918Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19553
48 PIRRET, Andrew  19 Sep 1941Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19574
49 PIRRET, Irene  1926Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19597
50 PIRRET, Jean  13 Dec 1932Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19569

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CLYDESDALE, Jessie  5 Feb 1854Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I2
2 KIRKPATRICK, Thomas ,Merchant and Consul of Hanover in Malaga .  27 Jul 1766Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6492


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Elizabeth B.  1910Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I14658
2 ANDERSON, Marion Hay  30 Jul 1778Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I3958
3 BANNATYNE, William McKinnon  17 Mar 1894Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I4706
4 BURDEN, Mary  27 Feb 1931Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I4707
5 CAMERON, Jean  5 Sep 1861Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I5
6 GOODALL, Margaret Eadie"Maggie"  30 Sep 1917Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6258
7 HAMILTON, Anna ,twin  8 Mar 1922Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I27221
8 HAMILTON, Jane  12 Nov 1903Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I12117
9 HAY, Margaret Hammond  1978Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19748
10 HUEY, Robert  1868Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I26906
11 KIRKPATRICK, Roger ,Esq. ,of Lagganlees,Dumfries,Scotland  6 Jun 1890Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6861
12 MCARTHUR, Robert  22 Jul 1904Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I4708
13 MCEWAN, Robert  11 Jan 1861Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19250
14 MCILROY, Dame. Annie Louise ,Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the London School of Medicine for Women  8 Feb 1968Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I27255
15 NICOLL, Elizabeth Marie  3 Aug 1916Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6255
16 NICOLL, James ,Ironmonger's Shopman  27 Nov 1916Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I6257
17 PERRITT, Andrew Clydesdale  23 Dec 1881Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I92
18 PERRITT, John  11 Jan 1989Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I21497
19 PERRITT, Wilhelmina  5 Mar 1862Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I1216
20 PERRITT, William  23 Dec 1897Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I88
21 PIRRET, Janet  Abt 1979Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19539
22 PIRRET, John  1984Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I19551
23 SMITH, Anne  13 Nov 1871Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I23563
24 STURDY, Matthew ,Bank Messenger,of Blythswood,Glasgow,Scotland  7 Mar 1918Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I14645
25 STURDY, Samuel  1940Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland I14649


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BANNATYNE / MCARTHUR  13 Feb 1920Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F1482
2 BROWN / PIRRET  11 Sep 1928Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F2586
3 CLYDESDALE / AULD  28 Oct 1921Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F2555
4 CLYDESDALE / MCKINLAY  3 Sep 1774Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F641
5 CLYDESDALE / MUIR  1 Mar 1815Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F7
6 CLYDESDALE / THOMSON  1 Jan 1744Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F642
7 KIRKPATRICK / KIRKPATRICK  30 Apr 1856Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F2154
8 MCDADE / HAY  1932Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F2632
9 MUIRHEAD / WHITE  1915Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F5463
10 PERRITT / CLYDESDALE  1 Jun 1874Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F1
11 YOUNG / WHITE  1962Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland F5465

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