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251 (Research):David Roy McCaughey was appointed C.M.G. in 1956 and knighted in 1963. MCCAUGHEY, Sir David Roy ,of Coonong,Nerrandera,New South Wales,Australia (I7756)
252 (Research):David was a Stationhand, and the son of James and Mary Gibson GIBSON, David Dwyer ,Teamster,of Dubbo,New South Wales (I1001)
253 (Research):Death record appears under name of Clidesdale. Emerald Hill is the early name for South Melbourne. The misspelt surname most likley occurred because the doctor who attended also reported the death, and not the parents. CLYDESDALE, Margaret (I2865)
254 (Research):Details of Susanna's birth and death years were taken from the Isle of Wight BDM records. Her parents are not recorded ,but a Susanna Godman was born to a Richard and Elizabeth Godman in December 1766, in Sussex,according to LDS Records GODMAN, Susanna ,of Chichester, Sussex, England (I19751)
255 (Research):Details of the testament of Albert as retrieved from PRONI
"Administration of the estate of Albert Ernest Almond late of 14 Wellesley Avenue Belfast, Solicitor ,who died 15 April 1901 at The Quay Ballyeastle County AntrimM granted at Belfast to Mary Casement Almond Widow" .Effects £78 9s. 8d

ALMOND, Albert Ernest ,Solicitor. (I21920)
256 (Research):Donald Ferlys Wilson Baden-Powell was baptised with the name of Donald Ferlys Wilson Powell. On 30 April 1902 his name was legally changed to Donald Ferlys Wilson Baden-Powell by Royal Licence. BADEN-POWELL, Donald Ferlys Wilson (I12296)
257 (Research):Due to the many differing versions of this family history ,I have relied upon the records of the following references; Burkes Peerage , The Chronicles of the Closeburn Kirkpatricks by Alexander de LaPere Kirkpatrick,Kirkpatrick of Closeburn (memoir) published 1858,William Wallace: Guardian of Scotland by Alexander Falconer Murison, Written family Histories and Memoirs published by George Norman,Convent Garden 1858. Peerage of England by Arthur Collins,F. C. and J Rivington 1812.The Life and Heroick Actions of the Renoun'd Sir William Wallace, General and Governor of Scotland by Blind Harry.Blind Harry's Wallace,original publication 1722 ,History of the County of Ayr by James Paterson
DE BRUCE, Robert ,1st Lord of Skelton,1st Lord of Annandale (I19331)
258 (Research):Edgehill taught school for a time, and, having some legal knowledge, was in 1815 elected associate judge of the county court, and subsequently clerk of court, which office he held until 1850. BURNSIDE, Judge. Edgehill ,of Liberty , Indiana ,USA (I8294)
259 (Research):Edith was widowed by the time the 1891 England Census Record was taken.She and her son Robert were living in Tunbridge Wells at this time.
Ref:England, Andrews Newspaper Index Cards, 1790-1976 Record for Edith Phayre..
MARGARY, Edith (I12344)
260 (Research):Edmund was one of the War Correspondents of the Manchester Guardian during Turko-Greek War 1897 , a prominent original supporter of the United Irish League, and Hon. Sec. of its Connaught Directory. A Nationalist ,who unsuccessfully contested North Kerry Division of Kerry Co. 1892, South Dublin Division of Dublin Co. 1895, and North Louth Division of LouthCo. 1900.He was elected for Tullamore Division of King's Co. Oct. 2nd, 1900 HAVILAND-BURKE, Edmund ,son of Edmund Haviland-Burke and Jane Waltham. (I22015)
261 (Research):Edward arrived in Australia in 1835.

In 1837 ,Edward Rens of Williams River,NSW, was allocated 1 indoor servant .( Ref-The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser,Saturday 1 July 1837.)

The date of his death was located in the Family Notices section of The Moreton Bay Courier ,dated 11 August ,1855.

Edward left his entire estate to the children of his sister Jeanette in his will, so it is assumed that he never married. 
RENS, Edward ,of Caliguel,Lower Condamine,Qld.Australia (I21546)
262 (Research):Edward was about 18 months of age when the family moved from Myall Creek to Terry Hie Hie,where his father took on the managers position for Mr George Bowman of Terry Hie Hie Station,which extended from within six miles of Moree,to Mt Grattai in the Nandewar Ranges.

The property carried 12,000 head of cattle,40,000 sheep, and several hundred horses.When the Bowman family left the district ,father John secured that land surrounding the old Bowman home on the creek,an area of approx. 9,300 acres ,which he settled in 1869. 
CORY, Edward James (I21547)
263 (Research):Eleanor is sometimes assumed to have been of the Bruce family because she was a Countess of Carrick but that title came through her first marriage, which was to Alexander Bruce, Earl of Carrick, rather than by inheritance.
Alexander was the son of Edward de Bruce of Carrick ,King of Ireland ,who was in turn the younger brother of Robert de Bruce ,King Robert I of Scotland. 
DOUGLAS, Eleanor ,known as The Countess of Carrick (I6959)
264 (Research):Eliza arrived in Sydney on the 8th of Sept 1835 on the ship Canton ,with her mother and sisters , Ann Lavinia,Mary Ann and Asenath .

NELSON, Eliza Ann (I5032)
265 (Research):Elizabeth does not appear in most records, although she is recorded as one of the children of John and Jane Reid in the Ships passengers list for the ship Orleana arriving in Sth Australia in 1839. REID, Elizabeth Paton (I13676)
266 (Research):Elizabeth was just 14 days old when she died. CORY, Elizabeth Mary (I21269)
267 (Research):Elizabeths Hebrew name was Beila bat Yehudah.(Ref:Rookwood Cemetery records,New South Wales.)
CRABB, Elizabeth (I14616)
268 (Research):Emanuel's Hebrew name was Menachem ben Uri Shraga (Ref:Cemetery Records,Rookwood,New South Wales.) .
He was the publican and proprietor of The Golden Fleece Inn,at Brickfield Hill,and was appointed paid secretary of the Jewish Congregation in 1838 , but resigned in 1846 ,as he was required to operate his business on the Sabbath , and he joined the Macquarie St. Congregation.
The original spelling of the surname was Crabbe,the"e" was later dropped,according to The Great Synagogue: A History of Sydney's Big Shule By Raymond Apple, Great Synagogue (Sydney, N.S.W.). 
CRABB, Emanuel ,Secretary,Sydney Jewish Congregation 1838-1846. (I14621)
269 (Research):Emily arrived in South Australia with her parents Richard and Isabella, and sisters Katherine Edith,and Frances Elizabeth , on 30th October 1847 , on the ship Competitor,from London.Her father Richard would later become the Mayor of Glenelg, South Australia COLLEY, Isabelle Emily (I22058)
270 (Research):Emily is registered as Meriuns in the NSW BDM. WARLEY, Emily (I11)
271 (Research):Emma's surname is spelt Cruickshank in the NSW Birth register CRUICKSHANK, Emma Grace (I9113)
272 (Research):Ernest arrived in Australia as a five year old ,with his paernts Joseph(1855-31st May 1934 ) and Mary(1856 - 23 May 1935), and siblings James and Joseph ,on board the Belgravia,on 2nd May 1884. Ref:New South Wales, Australia, Assisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1828-1896 Record for Ernest Boler
Parents dates Ref :The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 1 June 1934 p 10 Family Notices , The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 24 May 1935 p 10 Family Notices 
BOLER, Ernest William (I14897)
273 (Research):Eugenia came into the world in a makeshift tent in the garden of the house on Calle Gracia due to earthquake activity and was born premature.
PALAFOX - KIRKPATRICK, Maria Eugenia Ignacia Augustina ,Empress of France (I6460)
274 (Research):Extract from A genealogical and heraldic history of the colonial gentry (in two volumes) (Volume 1) ,by Sir Bernard Burke.

This family was at one time seated in Dorsetshire. Robert Cox, Esq. of Wimborne, in that County, b. in 1731, was the only surviving son of William Cox, Esq., who was b. in 1695, and was the son of Thomas Cox, Esq. of Wimborne, co. Dorset, who was b. in 1670. Robert Cox m. and had, with other issue, a son,Captain William Cox, of Clarendon, N.S.W.

Captain William Cox, of Clarendon, N.S.W., and formerly of Devizes, County Wiltshire , where he was b. in 1764 ; obtained a commission in the army in 1795, and arrived in New South Wales in 1801 as paymaster of the 102nd Regiment or New South Wales Corps, in charge of a number of convicts, chiefly Irishmen, who were concerned in the Rebellion of 1798, amongst whom was Holt, the leader or general. Mr. Cox retired from the army, and became a successful colonist, first at Brush Farm on the Parramatta river (where he employed General Holt as manager), and subsequently at Clarendon on the Hawkesbury river.

Mr. Cox was chosen by Governor Macquarie to construct the road which crosses the Blue Mountains from Sydney, crosses Cox's river, and connects Bathurst with the coast. This road is 130 miles in length, and for the service rendered by its construction Mr. Cox received a grant of land in the Bathurst plains, which he called Hereford. He afterwards took up land in the Mulgoa valley, and also formed stations on the Macquarie river at Burrendong, and on the Coolah creek. In 1833 he removed from Clarendon to Fairfield, near Windsor. He was for some time engaged in pastoral pursuits, and the progeny of his merinos from the Cape now form the celebrated Mudgee flocks. Mr. Cox was a magistrate of the Territory, and d. at Fairfield, near Windsor, in 1837, and was buried in the family vault at St. Matthew's Church, Windsor.

His son George Cox, Esq. of Winbourn, Mulgoa, b. 1795, married in 1822, Elizabeth, daughter of Archibald Bell, Esq. of Belmont, ensign in the 102nd Regiment (she d. 1876), and d.1868,was the father of Charles Clarendon Cox.

COX, Charles Clarendon ,of "Broombee", Mudgee,New South Wales. (I13817)
275 (Research):Eyles was the son of Eyles Browne, army surgeon, and his wife Mary, Irwin. BROWNE, Eyles Irwin Caulfield ,MLC,founder of the Brisbane Newspaper Company. (I22708)
276 (Research):Fanny's surname was correctly spelt as Cruckshank in the NSW BDM. CRUCKSHANK, Fanny (I8784)
277 (Research):Father Edward was a Private in the 102nd Regiment of Foot, the New South Wales Corps, on 27 July 1789, some 7 weeks after its formation. He came to the Colony of New South Wales with the second fleet, arriving in Sydney on the Scarborough on 28 June 1790 FIELD, Sophia ,daughter of Edward Field,102nd Reg of Foot,NSW (I25288)
278 (Research):For descendants ,see Burkes Peerage. STEWART, Sir Archibald ,of Burray ,1st Baronet (I7466)
279 (Research):Francis married and had two daughters. POLLARD, Francis Charles (I21646)
280 (Research):Frank's father Charles came to Australia in 1840 from Devon, leased land on the Mooki River (Liverpool Plains) and then Louth Park at Maitland, NSW.

In 1843 he purchased Hereford cattle from George Hobler of Aberglassyn which became the basis of Reynolds stud, one of the most notable in Australia. He also had a Devon cattle stud and a thoroughbred horse stud.

In 1844 he married Frances Seaton Dun, eldest daughter of William Dun of Duninald, Paterson.He was a foundation member of the Hunter River Agricultural Society and co-founder of the first Maitland Show.

Legend has it that his horse, Free Trader, was stolen from Tocal by Thunderbolt (Fred Ward) the bushranger in the 1860's.(Free Trader won the Grand National Steeplechase in England in 1856 and was imported to add value to the bloodline of the Tocal horses. Tocal was at the time one of Australia's leading horse and cattle studs. ).There is no documentary evidence to support the claim and it might be just a legend..

Charles died at Tocal in 15 September 1871 after being thrown from his horse,and is buried in St Pauls Cemetery. Reference: Tocal - the Changing Moods of a Rural Estate (J White)..

REYNOLDS, Frank ,of Tocal.Son of Charles Reynolds of Devon. (I21285)
281 (Research):Franks surname is spelt Cruickshank in the NSW Birth register CRUICKSHANK, Frank (I8783)
282 (Research):Friedrichswalde had its name changed in 1917 by the Government to Tarnma, to remove references to Germany during the First World War. VOIGT, Rosalia Linda (I12249)
283 (Research):From 1885 to 1895 Strachey was a member of the Council of the Secretary of State for India.He also held the post of Lieut- Governor of the N.W. Provinces. STRACHEY, Sir John of The Bengal Civil Service (I8411)
284 (Research):From August 22 to November 2, 1838, Arthur served as a member of the Special Council that administered Lower Canada following the Lower Canada Rebellion . Buller also prepared a report that made recommendations on further directions for education in the province.
Although many of his suggestions were implemented, two key elements of the report, encouraging the use of English over the French language and an emphasis on generic Christian rather than Catholic religious education, were met with strong opposition.

After he left North America, Buller was crown attorney in Ceylon from 1840 to 1848 and judge of the Supreme Court of Calcutta in India from 1848 to 1858. He was Member of Parliament for Devonport from 1859 to 1865, and for Liskeard from 1865 until hiis death in 1869.
BULLER, Sir Arthur William ,M.P and Special Council of Lower Canada (I8396)
285 (Research):From Ref:National Archives,IOR/L/AG/23/10/1 no.353 [n.d.]
Madras Army, d 24 Nov 1821,Invalided 5 Jun 1804,wife Mary b 1780, d 6 Mar 1837 
AISKILL, Maj. Gen Francis ,Jnr, Esq.,of the 13th Native Infantry, HEICS (I13708)
286 (Research):George Cory left 'Vacy' early 1891 and rode from the Hunter Valley to take up a position as a Jackeroo at 'Rockwood' in the Armidale area. He spent some time on the way doing various jobs including several months on the Stewart Brook gold fields, arriving 'Rockwood' about October 1891. In 1895, George Cory was Appointed Manager at 'Rockwood'.

George joined the 'Maitland Light Horse' which in 1889 was one of the loosely brigaded amalgamated to become the 'New South Wales Cavalry Regiment (re-designated New South Wales Lancers 1884)' the Hunter River troop then being designated 'D '96 Hunter River Troop' [PV Vernon Royal New South Wales Lancers 1885 '96 1985 pp28] before leaving the Patterson in 1891. By 1898 he had transferred to 'E' Sqn Australian Horse [The Sydney Morning Herald 25th Feb 1902] (Gunnedah, Boggabri, Tamworth, Armidale) established in 1898 where he was a Sergeant Major , having to ride 25 kilometers to attend Parades.

In Sept 1900 George Cory was involved in the hunt for the Bushrangers Jimmy and Joe Governor and Jacky Underwood .

1902-1903, George Cory appointed as Manager of 'Tooloom'' Station on the Clarence River then owned by the White Bros,and later Manager of 'Gordon Brook' Station,Copmanhurst, NSW 
CORY, George Gilbert ,Manager of ‘Tooloom’’ , and ‘Gordon Brook’ Stations (I21271)
287 (Research):George's birth is actually registered as the son of Richard and Ann(Mary Anns mother) , but Ann was deceased in 1805.(NSW BDM V1808989 4/1808) PORTER, George ,of North Ryde,NSW (I10302)
288 (Research):George, fourth Earl of Angus, "the Red Douglas" of James II.'s time, who in Scottish tradition is remembered as having "put down the Black ."
DOUGLAS, Helen ,daughter of George, "The Red Douglas" (I7939)
289 (Research):Georgina was one of two daughters of James and an unknown woman he met aboard ship during a trip back to England.One daughter died and Georgiana eventually ended up living with her father,as an adult ,after her parents died,and at one time requested financial assistance from her half brothers. KIRKPATRICK, Georgiana (I19821)
290 (Research):Gerald Talbot Clindening ,in "The House of Glendonwyn" wrote that a sister of Robert Kirkpatrick of Glenkiln, (Anne or Roseanne Kirkpatrick) married a William Glendinning,and that William and his family were forced to flee to Ireland in 1746(the very year Robert Kirkpatrick of Glenkiln was beheaded) ,and several of their sons soon left for America.

I can find no records to validate this claim, and this marriage is not mentioned in "Closeburn Kirkpatricks", by Maj.Gen Charles Kirkpatrick, but there is mention of a family relationship in Alexander de LaPere Kirkpatricks "Chronicles of the Kirkpatrick Family" ,which details the will of Alexander Kirkpatrick (1714-1791) in which he bequeaths funds to the children of Alex.Clendinin,Elizabeth and William.(Alexander Kirkpatrick's sister Anne (Mrs Jordan)was a Miss Clendinin's grandmother). 
KIRKPATRICK, William ,of Conheath, Last Lord of Kirkmichael. (I6471)
291 (Research):Gerald Talbot Clindening ,in "The House of Glendonwyn" wrote that a William Glendinning married a sister of Robert Kirkpatrick of Glenkiln, (Anne or Roseanne Kirkpatrick) ,and that William and his family were forced to flee to Ireland ,(in 1746,the very year Robert Kirkpatrick of Glenkiln was beheaded )and several of their sons departed for America shortly after..

I can find no records to validate this claim, and this marriage is not mentioned in "Closeburn Kirkpatricks", by Maj.Gen Charles Kirkpatrick.

There is mention of a family relationship in Alexander de LaPere Kirkpatricks "Chronicles of the Kirkpatrick Family" ,which details the will of Alexander Kirkpatrick (1714-1791) in which he bequeaths funds to the children of Alex.Clendinin,Elizabeth and William.(Alexander Kirkpatrick's sister Anne (MrsJordan)was a Miss Clendinin's grandmother).

Other researchers claim the wife of William Glendinning of Quarterland was in fact a lady by the name of Rose Fisher,whom he married in Killyleagh in 1713, so it must be assumed there was a previous marriage ,as some children were apparently born in Scotland ,prior to 1713.


GLENDINNING-CLENDINEN, William ,of Quarterland, County Down, Ireland (I21732)
292 (Research):Gerard was 3 months of age when he died. GORE, Gerard Paul (I22633)
293 (Research):Gilbert Cory was the youngest son of John Cory and Mary Gostwick.John and his eldest son ,Edward Gostwyck Cory, and Edwards wife Frances,Nee Johnson,arrived in Sydney in 1823 on board the "Allies".In 1830 Gilbert arrived on board the "Elizabeth",and his other brother John Johnston Cory ,arrived in 1833 on the "Strathfieldsday".

Gilbert was the only member of the family to have children who remained in Australia.

Father John returned to his farm "Ashton" in Cornwall in 1827 ,and he and his wife Mary died within a month of each other in May 1855.

Gilberts brother Edward, and his wife Frances had no children, and his brother John died in Sydney in 1839,after which John's widow Elizabeth and daughter Agnes Mary returned to North Tawton in Devon ,where Agnes lived until her death in 1885,aged 46.

Gilberts funeral notice in the Maitland Mercury on Friday 19th June 1896 states the funeral would take place at "Neyarra",Vacy ,and Gilbert would be laid to rest "in the precincts of his much loved home, situated so beautifully on the banks of he Paterson River"

The western section of Cory Vale, consisting of 280 acres west of the Allyn River, was renamed Tackbeare. In due course it was owned by Gilbert Cory in his own right. After the death of his second wife, the property was subdivided into blocks to suit the existing tenants and was auctioned in 1925. Three of Gilbert's grandsons, Claude, Robert and Roland Worthington bought a small block of 2 acres 1 rood. 
CORY, Gilbert ,of "Vacy",Paterson,New South Wales. (I21256)
294 (Research):Gilbert was 15 years old when his mother died and may have been away at school in Parramatta.

He travelled by horse to the Toowoomba area in 1858 at 19 years of age.He later became the Mayor of Toowoomba .He took up service at the Cecil Plains Station of James Taylor, a successful pastoralist, landowner and aspiring politician.

After successfully managing the station for a number of years, Gilbert Cory married Taylor's daughter Ann Sophy and moved to Toowoomba where he took an active part in civic affairs. "Vacy Hall", in Russell Street, was built for him and his wife in 1873 as a wedding present by James Taylor who lived across the road in Clifford House.

In addition to his political and community activities, Cory went on to be involved in a number of other pastoral ventures in Queensland.

The original Vacy Hall was destroyed by fire in 1898 and replaced by the current brick and masonry building shortly afterwards.

Three streets on the western side of Toowoomba '96 Gilbert, Gostwyck and Cory streets '96 are among the monuments directly named in honour of the city's 19th Mayor.

Gilbert Gostwyck Cory, was elected Mayor of Toowoomba in 1891, and is probably best remembered for his "pioneering" work with the Toowoomba Turf Club and the Royal Agricultural Society. However, he was also associated with the Jondaryan Shire Council and was its chairman in 18944 and 1895. 
CORY, Gilbert Gostwyck ,of Vacy Hall, Toowoomba.Mayor of Toowomba 1891. (I21273)
295 (Research):Gilberts extravagance greatly reduced his estate, and in 1603 Carnwath was sold to the earl of Mar. It afterwards came into the possession of the family of Dalziel, to whom it gives the title of earl. In the ranking of the Scots nobility in 1606, the title of Lord Somerville does not occur. His lordship died in 1618. With three daughters, he had an only son, who died in infancy SOMERVILLE, Gilbert 8th Lord Somerville,of Castle Cowthally (I7979)
296 (Research):Gosselin(original spelling of the Huguenot name) ,Gohselin ,and Goslin are some of the differing spellings used in the family. Alicia's fathers name appears to be spelt as Gohselin in her marriage record. GOSLIN, Alicia Arthur"Posy" (I14431)
297 (Research):Hamilton was the son of Robet Shaw Worthington, Barrister-at-law,of Salmon Pool Lodge, County Dublin,Ireland. WORTHINGTON, Hamilton Labatt ,of Salmon Pool Lodge, County Dublin,Ireland (I21284)
298 (Research):Hans was the son of Archibald Hamilton of Raploch . HAMILTON, Rev. Hans ,Vicar of Dunlop,son of Archibald of Raploch. (I9473)
299 (Research):Hariette is the spelling of the Christian name ,as per the Baptism Certificate. BORTHWICK, Hariette Mackenzie (I7428)
300 (Research):Harriet moved from Hornfleur ,in France,and joined her brother William in Adra Spain.She held ownership of a property in Churriana. KIRKPATRICK, Harriet (I6496)

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